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Naturally Healthy Latex

100% Natural Latex is inherently hypo-allergenic and anti-microbial. The mold, germs and common bacteria that can develop in many other pillows simply cannot live in ours. This makes our latex pillow a wise choice for allergy sufferers and anyone who wants to breathe clean air and enjoy a fresh night’s sleep.


Built- In Ventilation

100% Natural Latex pillows are characterized by a ‘pin-core’ construction with a galaxy of tiny interconnecting air channels providing natural ventilation. This unique construction means the pillow stays cool and comfortable all night, every night, in all seasons and climates.


From Firmer to Softer

People have personal preferences for how firm or gentle they like their pillow and the number of pillows they like to use. Latex offer a range of pillows from firm support to soft, gentle support and a variety of specially designed contour pillows.


High Quality Sleep

100% Natural Latex pillows are one of the finest pillows you can buy. Even if you are sleeping on the best bed, your neck and head still require the support and comfort of the best pillow. So for the healthiest night’s sleep, take a fresh look at our luxurious latex pillows. We make a wide variety of latex pillows to cater for different requirements around the world.

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